RSP 250 – Rope Suspended Platform

RSP-250 platform is for temporary applications and maintenance work on façades and other types of working at height. It lifts people and their working equipment – at unlimited heights.


It is designed for lightweight applications, such as painting and decorating, refurbishing, jointing, and repairs, window cleaning, etc. …

The complete system consists of the working platform equipped with an electric LTD hoist and the support wheels, suspended by means of steel wire ropes from a suspension structure.

The main para. Of  RSP250 suspended platform:
  • Rated Load: 250kg
  • Lifting Speed: 9m/min
  • Voltage-3Phase: 380V/ (415V/220V)
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power: 1.1kw×1
  • Hoist: LTD50
  • Safety Lock: OSL308
  • Dia. of Wire Rope: 4×31SW+FC-8.3mm
  • Platform Size: 1.2×0.65×2.3m
  • The weight of Suspension Jibs: 170kg
  • The weight of Lifting Part: Steel 200kg
  • Counter Weight: 350kg
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