NC-52 Generation Series

  • Additional Safety for Motor
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Longer Life of Machine
  • Lower Frequency of Electrical Breakdown
  • Increased Life of Blades
  • Lower Oil Consumption
  • Ease of Operation

Our bar cutting machines are designed by adheres European safety standards.

Each part in this cutting machine is designed with advanced software with a goal to make the machine rugged, stronger & maintenance free.

Bar cutting machines are specially designed with the powder coated body parts for longer life and protection against rust.

This series is designed higher factory of safety for increase the life of machine up to 10 years.

Reducing speed and improving the life of blades vastly, we use double stage of helical gearbox design.

The cutting blades, made from special hardened steel, are designed to cut small and big diameter steel rods.

In this series machines, you can use four edges of cutting blades.

Minimum vibration and less noise while cutting bars. The machine is supplied with a dynamically balanced flywheel. This ensures a long life of machine’s moving parts.

This machine is provided with wheels for easy movement at the site.

Purpose of saving money and making it very environmentally friendly, we design SpanTech series with significantly reduced oil consumption.

Chart Capacity
Technical Specification
MODEL Strock per min. Ø Max. 60 Kg./mm2 No. of Bars Motor Kw (HP) DimensionSize (mm) Weight (Kg.)
SC 52 59 Ø36
3.7 (5) 745 x 1180 x 1015(h) 580
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